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In search of web host

These days so many decisions require multi-attribute and uncertainty analysis. Is it just the way I look at the world or are there simpler solutions?

Take selecting a web host for example. I've been on my current web host for the past year - courtesy of a friend of mine. The package was way above what I needed, so I didn't complain. However, now that I'm going to pay out of my own pocket, I've started to evaluate what I really need.

What's necessary:

At least 200 MB web space, with room to grow

Bandwidth: at least 1 GB a month; more like 2 GB

Site management: I like what I can do now, so I need at least this level of control.

Domain names: if I get a lot of disk space, I'd like to have different domain names with associated email addresses

Reliability: I've noticed that my site was down several times. This simply won't do. I've got to have 99.9% uptime, given that it's an international site.

Support and help: very important, since I'm high maintenance.

CGI-BIN features: automated guessbook, search engine, discussion board, counter

Log stats: at least what I have now.

I'm still trying to find a way to "send this page to a friend" - I know it's possible. But how? I would sure like to send a Bon Journal entry to a friend.

I suppose the way to approach this problem, like all other decisions in my life, is to search the Web and consult a few friends and experts. But if somebody else pays for it, there's no need to do a decision analysis!

24 April 2002 Wednesday