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Psychology of Multimedia

not teaching psychology using multimedia but teaching psychology of multimedia using multimedia

Course objectives

to understand the "why's" (rationale, motivation) of internet presence, the impact of multimedia, interface, past and future

original overview

Psychology of Multimedia

@ 23 May 2000


  • Weekly essays (critique, evaluation, summary, discussion) 60%
  • Project 30%
  • Class participation and presentation 10%

Lecture One
Friday 26  May 2 pm

  • Course objectives, outline
  • Grading and expectations
  • Style, examples
  • How to use search engines
  • What is psychology of multimedia: decompose into psychology, colour, visual, sound, music, interactivity
  • Introduce key success factors, web site features
  • Learn to critique, e.g. "best" web sites
  • Assignment: choose TOPICS (below) for website evaluation and research
  • Take the personality tests in KNOW THYSELF

Lecture Two

  • Submit assignment, choice of topics
  • Present best and worst web sites
  • Discuss key success factors, audience, perception, motivation, evaluation criteria
  • Layout, colour, moods, atmosphere, navigation
  • Assignment: portals in INDUSTRIES (list below)

Lecture Three

  • Submit and present assignment
  • Discuss generic and specific criteria
  • Pareto rule
  • Revisit layout, colours, navigation (breadth vs depth), font type and size
  • the triangle of content, graphics, and technology
  • Classification of websites: rationale, motivation
  • Assignment: do guru links, classifications of websites in chosen topic and own topic area



List of Topics

List of Industries

  • Entertainment: music, movies
  • Advertising
  • Sales and marketing
  • Conferences
  • Training
  • Personal Development
  • Publishing
  • Demand-driven (auctions, etc)
  • Travel

List of Possible Project Topics

  • Freebies
  • Biographies
  • Complaint sites
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Diaries
  • Universities

Lecture Four

  • Submit and present assignment
  • Push vs pull media
  • Types of media
  • Discuss audience perception
  • Stickiness
  • Economics of information society

Lecture Five

  • Submit and present assignment
  • Decision psychology
  • Other factors in perception and biases, human judgement

Lecture Six

  • Submit and present assignment
  • Interfacing: project lifecycle

Lecture Seven

  • Submit and present assignment
  • Real life case studies

Lecture Eight

  • Submit and present assignment
  • Past, present, and future of multi-media
  • Static vs animation

Lecture Nine

  • Submit and present assignment
  • Present course project

Lecture Ten

  • Submit and present assignment
  • Present course project