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30 November 2002 Hey, where did you get the harp and flute recording song, I like it, I want to put it in my window media, so can you tell me how to get it? Hey, I mean of the site do you know how to get it like on window media. Window media is like something you can listen to on the computer. How did you get the harp and flute recording music?
30 November 2002 joyeux noel et bonne année
30 November 2002 I read your audition journal page of 29 Nov. You talked about how you passed audition vividly. Obviously, you have no stage fright because you already performed before a small or a large audience in Okinawa and in many other places. I still remember you danced beautifully on stage in Taipei as a first grader. Like Frances, who loves to paint anyway because painting itself is joyful, you love to play piano just for the fun of it.
29 November 2002Pendulum swings, an excellent summary of what makes us "tick". I find there is a link between growth/contribution and the Buddhist notion of "enlightenment"; an "out of the box" intellectual & spiritual
attainment possible only when certain "obstacles" (or hangups) are overcome. has already contributed much, but it is still largely centered around the exploits of Anne Ku et al, perhaps the next quantum leap in contribution is in a greater level of interactivity with readers, some kind of a "white mountain" as in the inverse of a "black hole".

My view on your career move is dont go back to energy in a big way once you have found your forte in the piano professionally. I have learnt it is not past professional or academic credentials that really matter in life, it's where and how more you can contribute and enjoy the fulfilment of life dreams. Good luck!

29 November 2002It's really wonderful to hear you landed a job playing on a grand piano. Congratulations! Having fun, getting paid for it, turning hobby into a job... I'm happy for you!
27 November 2002I found this late night, nice translation of Teresa song " what you say " I suppose translation comes from you or family ? in bon journal? I discovered Teng this year after 6 months of research and contacts on internet worldwide this year, since I bought a mysterious Chinese CD in Thailand four years ago, I became addicted to the music from the real perfection!!!! Are you in England?...what is bon journal....the internet is really endless...
27 November 2002Happy Thanksgiving!...I know this is an American thing, but any way :-) Congratulations on the progress on your book writing project.
26 November 2002I follow the diaries every day now - so I feel I'm almost in touch with what you're doing! PPS I'm expecting to be doing an Anne Ku after Christmas, through trips to the Philippines and California. In one fortnight I'm meant to be flying London-Manila-St Francisco-Washington-London. Do you have any remedies for jet-lag?
26 November 2002

The review idea is a good one--and yes I will take the tickets on the 7th if you still need the review--I suggest you also add a section which is people's reviews (with you as the editor it will encourage more people to the site --you can give away tickets which you get free anyway ) to the best reviews. Your reviews are pretty good but you need a definitive style so that people actually seek them out--honest ,open ,down to earth, provoking, enlightening and entertaining are all good ambitions!

Reviews are like holiday and cooking programmes -you don't actually go but you feel like you did through the review. You know all this already but thats what I think! We could be brave and actually buy space in papers to review things -a kind of peoples review -not sure if the papers would do it. People could phone in a review and we could earn money from the call -winner is published.

25 November 2002I'll try e-mailing all of the orchestra sites I think. All flights, food and accommodation are included in these jobs. Cruising will be mostly The Caribbean.
25 November 2002If you are free on Saturday, the concert details are as follows:

St Martin's Hale Gardens, 30th November 2002, 7:30pm
Conductor: Philip Hesketh

Hector Berlioz, Ov. Le Corsair
Claude Debussy, La Mer
Hugo Alfven, Legend of the Skerries
Arthur Sullivan, Pineapple Poll Suite

St Martin's Hale Gardens
Hale Gardens
Acton W3 9SQ

The whole orchestra usually goes to a nearby pub afterwards. Hope you can make it, but either way, see you this weekend!

25 November 2002I'm disappointed you declined on the San Jose conference. It would have been the perfect excuse for you to have come out here. Now we have to wait who knows how long until your musical tour makes its way out here.
23 November 2002Have you been hearing about the problems Platts has been experiencing. Their credibility is at stake. What goes around comes around.
22 November 2002Hey Anne, the story never seems to go away; certainly with Skilling still free it will be around for a long time.
22 November 2002ok Anne. Look forward to hearing from you. Great website by the way! all the best
22 November 2002How are you and your publications coming along. Do you think you'll ever make it to the colonies anytime this year? And, how is your piano playing coming along?
21 November 2002

Dear journal

Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 8 November 2002 House of Cards: confessions of an Enron executive" at

Marty rated this entry yes and commented nice writing and story!!

21 November 2002Thank you for the music, I needed that for a presentation and you were the only one that had the Flute music provided. Once again thanks.
20 November 2002I also wanted to ask you whether you can recommend me anyone who can advise me and my friend on the immigration issues. I was trying to find the contact via your, i found plenty of useful links, but, unfortunately, i need to speak to someone. I would really appreciate your help, i know that you are an expert in this area! Thank you!
19 November 2002You're a very good writer. Just one question... I know what a stochastic process is and I know calculus, but I've never heard of stochastic calculus! ...unless it's the area under a probability distribution to the right of break even value of the asset?! It was actually fun to read. There was a little jump in logic when you introduced some stranger who got a job in Houston. Incidentally, speaking of gaming, I'm afraid that McKinsey has seriously wrecked our portfolio process by introducing a tool that violates everything I learned about decision analysis and promotes gaming. Want to hear? I'll tell you anyway!!
19 November 2002The Enron book you wrote about quite deftly reminds me of two latest Peking-made tv series shown here. One is entitled "Black Hole" which in certain sense is Chinese edition of Enron, a black hole so deep that almost all new employees get sucked in and eventually become suckers, accomplices in this collective corruption or hoax. Actually the series is more or less a true story, though maybe dramatized, that happened in a coastal city with its mayor's son committing crimes, incl smuggling 38 expensive sedans from abroad, murdering pple, bribery, running secret casino. Even provincial leaders (members of provincial party committee) take bribes and try to cover up crimes.
18 November 2002
BBC editor in US
Hi, I'm making a radio programme for the BBC World service about Enron, and I want to use some Enron parodies from your website. Who should I talk to about it?
18 November 2002

The info. re: James Bond Ball is for last year! Could you please send me details for this year? Thanking you in advance.

analyticalQ reply: a quick search on Google for "James Bond Ball new years eve London" brought up London Net's guide.
18 November 2002Either you have a corrupted file "default.htm" in your root folder or something is wrong with my browser. Whenever I click "analyticalq" from any sub-category folder, I get the corrupted file "default.htm".
18 November 2002Ha! is a real cool site. Lots of useful links, even for someone who wants to take a hike on the moon in Jan 03. Mmm...
17 November 2002

Can you tell me when the full moon is in Jan. 03 We would like to be hiking there at that time. thanx

analyticalQ reply: Use a search engine like Google, and search for "lunar calendar."
15 November 2002
male, Denver
I was looking for information regarding Influence Diagram and came across your web site. I haven't had an opportunity to read in depth but what I have seen I am really interested. However I wanted to let you know that I was checking out the Job Search area you had and one that is listed as LBS goes to an Adult Web Cam site. Thought you might want to know.

Once I have had the opportunity to read and hopefully learn about Influence Diagram I probably will be getting back to you with questions if that is okay.

By the way I was stationed at Okinawa 1986 - 87. I used HotBot for the search engine. I'm currently taking a course in Project Management.

15 November 2002This morning I read your best of Bon Journal, incl Issue 8 of your Newsletter dated 14 Nov. Besides, I also read your various views, incl reviews of hotels where the heart is. So far as their style and contents are concerned, they should have already been published in book form had they been written in Chinese in Taiwan, HK or Singapore or even Shanghai. Each month dozens of books in Chinese for average city dwellers and readers in the above modern Chinese cities are published. Of the ten bestsellers chosen each month, some titles (about one-third) overlap, which shows the similarity of readers' taste.
15 November 2002Hope you met your deadline for "options in power".. If it's meant for public consumption, please send me a copy.. I enjoy your writing.
15 November 2002Do you still have the Chinese translation of the piece of Three New Yorks? Thanks in advance for your reply.
14 November 2002
male, London

I have just visited your web site and I have a few queries.

Do you operate a fully integrated booking system on the web site? Do you also operate a call centre booking system online? If a hotel is not available will your system automatically prompt a similar hotel that is available? Does your system facilitate you to have an unlimited number of hotels and cities at the click of a mouse? Do bookings online integrate with payment providers? Do you have a visual calendar management system where you can update individual hotel availability in real time? Have you the facility to post last minute offers at the click of a mouse? Do you have a comprehensive search facility on your site? Does your booking system automatically email / fax the hotel with the confirmed booking? Do you have good activity reports on users of your site? Do you have media expenditure reports? Do you have invoicing reports? Do you maintain a database of customers so that they can fast-track future purchases? Do you have online foreign currency translation? If you have a call centre booking system does it also include an automatic distribution of leads to employees? Would you like to have any or all of these features? The reason I am asking is that we have them and we would dearly like you to have them too. We are one of the UK's longest established and largest web site development companies and we have designed a 'hotel booking system in a box' that has incredibly sophisticated features and can be used for your web site AND for your call centre.

For more information, please call me or reply to this email and I will be only too pleased to provide you with more details.

analyticalQ reply: It would be fantastic to have all these things - free.
14 November 2002
male, North Carolina
Hello, I ran into a link containing your thesis about electrical capacity planning doing a google search on escalation formulas used for price indexing power contracts. I was wondering if you had any further information on how Centrica (British Gas) or other marketers (usually) priced these contracts with regards to weighing on inflation? Such as P = P(base) * (.8 PPI) or something? I know these formulas are hard to come by but was wondering if you had any information to provide me with. Thank you.
14 November 2002

Jessica Richards. I am submitting a poem, written about my mother.

Mom you are always there to kiss the pain away. I really wish I could stay. Late night chats are always the best. ....

12 November 2002
male, US
Hi my name is Dave I was going through the Internet and you were in DMOZ under I am trying to contact owner of Anyway I specialize in converting traffic into sales and getting traffic to your site. Since you are already doing some type of advertising in DMOZ , I know I can help you out. I was wondering if you could give back with me.
12 November 2002

Here is the notice for two shows in which I'm performing as Pheel Reel on electric violin. The first is a joint club night by Shiva Soundsystem and The Laundry in Aldgate E1 this Sat, and the second is a big anniversary night for Swaraj Records at Ocean in Hackney. Hope you can make one or both.

11 November 2002
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11 November 2002
New York

Dear journal
Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 24 October 2002 Why newsletters?"

joe rated this entry Yes! and commented Hi Anne. Good luck with this venture and keep me in mind. I'll send longer email message

11 November 2002
I need to value a set of deals that one of our counterparties wishes to liquidate. I can do most of the financial deals myself but there are a few US pipeline assets and tolling arrangements that I'm not familiar with. Any ideas on some free-lancers who are good in valuing pipelines who are looking for a side project? We're talking a few weeks of well paid work.
10 November 2002
female, London
Andrew told me about your site and said you had interesting views on teaching the piano! You came to my house for his wedding reception to Victoria, and I remember listening to some lovely piano playing at the end of the evening. How much do you charge for piano lessons? My son Michael (age 11) is learning recorder, flute and clarinet and has an excellent musical ear, but in the past hasn't been coordinated enough to get very far with the piano. It will never be his main instrument but I think it might be fun for him to learn the basics from someone who will be patient with him.
10 November 2002Piano lessons for beginners... Yamaha Music Foundation offers an excellent series of music courses designed specifically for very young learners - the "Junior Music Course" (JMC) and "Young Musician's Course" (YMC). They train teachers to run these courses, you might want to check it out.
8 November 2002
Something is tweaked with the website -- perhaps it's just a temprary glitch. I really dug the CD, by the way.
8 November 2002cometosite: by search engine

likecontents: good enough

piano: yes

musicianship: Intermediate

newpiece: for you, wish, forbidden love

proficientat: forbidden love, marriage d'amour

location: home

newupdates: No

futuremusic: more songs please!!!!~

7 November 2002
internal auditor, Nebraska
Hi, enjoyed reading Anna's diary entries. I came across this site while searching for info on a financial risk management audit I'm planning for. My keyword "VAR" pulled up the site that linked me to Anna's. Is the diary updated still? I've lived in Omaha for the past 18 years, but will always claim my hometown of Memphis TN. I play piano--trained in classical piano, but also play blues, gospel and jazz piano.

Since I'm at work, I've read only a few of Anna's diary entries--will have to log in at home for more reading. I was drawn to the diary entries on clearing space, as I'm at a point where I want to toss most of the clothes in my closet and start over. So I'm always interested in discovering how other women handle their not-quite-ready-to-give-away clothing items.

The other entries I was drawn to relate to France. I lived in Germany as a kid when my dad was in the army. Since then I've always been interested in European history, architecture. I'd like to visit Paris (except I've always been afraid of flying.) Am currently reading Antonia Fraser's book on Marie Antoinette. It's great to be able to look into the daily life of an intelligent person that travels around the globe. Later!

6 November 2002That is quite interesting indeed!
6 November 2002I did take a little creative license on that last poem. The lyrics just seemed to charge right out to me -- nouns to the left of me, verbs to the right of me adjectives in front of me onward I wrote into the valley of ditty did I whittle the wit that told the fate of those energy market makers who now are late. Ooohhh i am in such a state -- to date I think I can relate -- how wonderful your new title as editor & publisher, and pounding keys of sound and not keys on pads that spit out numbers neither good nor sad -- for numbers have little feeling -- much meaning but not of soul -- yet your heart dreams true through the notes on chords with trembling of spirit that rise with each crescendo -- and then drifts off as effervescent dreams into the void of time -- leaving but the slight vapors of stirrings in the heart.
5 November 2002I've started to read your journals and must say I picked up some tips from you. Your writing allows me to visualize your situation and moods. I do wonder if mine has the same effect.
5 November 2002I've been reading you latest web entries. Really nice! enjoyable, professional and very personal.

I do have some feedback for the journal issues. Hope it is of help for you.
Don't like it that you repeat the "perfect world after all". First, the song goes "it's a small world after all" and second it seems quite a bit childish to repeat something three times before adding a conclusion.. As if you're
trying to put a spell on your readers. But the story is really nice.

Taxi from Heathrow
I remember the story, but reading it now seems to show a totally different
you this time. Don't know why. It's not really funny I guess, the previous ones really were hilarious and here's a differnet atmosphere I suppose.

Ah, there! The situation gets more grim with every article! Scary stuff to read!!

Liked your editorial note. But where is the Cat Stevens parody?

Next one: issue seven

The good news is that there are many software out there that will check your links for you.

Are many software? There is lots of software seems better to me. Wow, this collection is really very specific!

Is the following true? Didn't know that, well it gives a less distorted viewwhen loading. Also I thought you'd mention the search engines looking for alt tags, isn't that really good to know?
While it's not necessary to specify width and height of the image, the image loads better if you do.

5 November 2002Dear journal
Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 2 November 2002 Get everything done and still have time to play"

robert rated this entry yes and commented Very interesting, thanks!

5 November 2002
A really touching short story (below)! It's realy encouraging for some reason. Thanks for sharing
4 November 2002
new cancer patient
I spent the day at MD Anderson doing the pre-op stuff. It's an amazing and beautiful hospital. Very professional with an atmosphere of care and expertise. In between appointments I wandered around and followed the sound of classical music played from a piano. I rounded a corner and there in one of the many beautiful lobbies was the piano player -- with several young children in wheel chairs (some covered in little white blankets) looking very tired, cold with thin hair listening to the soothing music. Just on the other side of the little area they were in you could see through a large window some children laughing as they ran to get out from under the rain. I stopped cold -- and looked around and saw the other adults in the lobby were just like me -- mesmerized.
4 November 2002
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3 November 2002
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Time: Sun Nov 03 12:41:25 EST 2002, EST
Total Time on Error: 3 hours, 6 minutes
1 November 2002

Dear journal

Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 1 November 2002 Money, money, money" at

Robert rated this entry Yes and commented Impressive number of achievements. The message comes across.

1 November 2002

I don't know what tenor means in "I would sell it to a stranger for a tenor" (bon journal Oct 30) and also pilates (nov 1)

My dictionaries keep no entries of the above two words.

How long have you attended yoga class? what have you benefited from yoga? I once saw a snapshot of your late maternal grandpa practising yoga (something like standing on his head by the wall). Do you have to do that too?

analyticalQ reply: A "tenor" or should it be a "tenner" refers to a ten pound note. Ten British pounds. This is similar to saying a "fiver" which is a five pound note. Pilates (pronounced "pee - lah - tez) originates from Joseph Pilates who started this kind of exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and all the internal, hard-to-reach muscles around the waist. It is very similar to yoga, but focusses mainly on that area of the body.

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