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Money, money, money

After spending consecutive hours with my eyes glued to the computer screen, I am ready to go offline for a few days. But before I do so, let me jot down some thoughts.

Accomplishments in the last four months of being job-free:

  1. Caught up on my personal affairs
  2. Joined a local health club and got into a routine of daily exercise: aerobics, yoga, pilates, weight lifting, cycling, and swimming --- not necessarily in that order
  3. Tried new recipes such as thick German cream soup, apple cake, pear cake, and started buying exotic vegetables like beet and fennel for further experimentation
  4. Launched Le Bon Journal newsletter for off-line readers
  5. Read and wrote an 800-word review of a book on multi-criteria decision making - to appear in The Journal of Energy Literature in December
  6. Wrote and published an article on UK employment law in Freepint Internet Newsletter
  7. Performed (piano) in London and Ede (Netherlands)
  8. Updated my web sites
  9. Made new friends
  10. Started new chamber music with cellist and violist
  11. Started a new neighbourhood watch and resident's association in my street
  12. Spent quality time (5 weeks) with Mommie Dearest
  13. Started taking weekly NLP classes
  14. Read and reviewed many self-help books
  15. Visited several art exhibitions, including private viewings
  16. Became a culture vulture and art critic: plays, musicals, events, etc.

At least, I can use this list to update my friends and ex-colleagues who probably assume that I've been sitting at home tapping my fingers.

To accomplish the next list in the next few months, I will need what ABBA so brilliantly sang of --- "Money, money, money...... in a rich man's world."

  1. Renovate house to have more space and light for indoor and outdoor concerts
  2. Travel to exotic locations and write reviews about them
  3. Entertain and hold more theme concerts

So November 2002 is the seriously "looking for ways to make money" month. If my readers have great ideas, please e-mail me via Contact Webmaster.

Meanwhile, I'm finishing reading a book about mind maps. I've drawn a few mind maps of what I value, what irks me, and what I'd like to do. Next step is to translate these maps into reachable goals. It would be so ideal to have a part-time job within walking or cycling distance of where I live. Then I won't have to worry about keeping warm in the long winter ahead.

After all is said and done, I can then look forward to hearing "Thank You for the Music" instead.

1 November 2002 Friday

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