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What is a parody?

A parady is a literary composition imitating an author's work for the purpose of ridicule.

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Sing it Karaoke style!
discovered in January 2002, but there are so many versions now!

We saw the stock rising and our hearts stood still
Go Enron Ron Ron, Go Enron Ron
Everyone's retirement accounts were filled
With Enron Ron Ron, With Enron Ron
Yes... we loved you Ken
We... were so happy then

Everyone in California had to write a cheque
To Enron Ron Ron, To Enron Ron
The accountants said that everything was a-okay
At Enron Ron Ron, At Enron Ron

Now the moving vans are taking all the desks away
From Enron Ron Ron, From Enron Ron

We lost... almost every cent
Except... for the management
And when they try to find the evidence I think they'll see
It's all gone gone gone,
From Enron Ron
It's all gone gone gone,
From Enron Ron
It's all gone gone gone,
From Enron Ron

Enron Songs

24 July 2002 - EnronGate songs by Bill Tong

9 June 2002- yet another parody for our friend Ken Lay:

The Ballad of Kenny-Boy

parodied by ED Gibbon
Sung to the tune of "The Ballad of Jed Clampett"
(Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song)
Words and music by Paul Henning,
as performed by Lester Flatt And Earl Scruggs

Come and listen to a story ‘bout a man named Lay
Whose only goal in life was to increase his pay
He was born in Missouri to plain old Baptist folk
But he though the golden rule was nothin’ but a joke.

continued at:

Do the Enron Ron Ron

but you need to have Internet Explorer 5+ & Windows Media Player 6+ to view this version

Enron-ron-ron by mousethief

Doo Doo Ron by Jim Bernath

Song about Enron - look inside

Unto Enron

Enron-ron-ron at Arthur Andersen (mp3 sound file)

Enron Ron by J. B. Dahl (to be aired on cable access show)


all the above sung to the tune of "Da Doo Run Run" by the Crystals

"Skilling Proved Costly To Enron" parodied by William Tong (to the tune of "Killing me softly with his song")

Sing a song of Enron - a pocketful of nothing

Enron songs - a 3 part act to the tune of "Love and Marriage" and many more!

Sing a song of Enron (sing a song of six pence)


Enron Paradise sung to the tune of "Gangsta’s Paradise" by Coolio, L.V. and Doug Rasheed

Son of A Preacher Man (original by John Hurley / Ronnie Wilkins)

Oh Kenny Boy sung to the old Irish tune of "Danny Boy"


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