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Please read my article in Freepint newsletter in August 2000.

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Heal thyself or Heel thyself

There are many variations of reflexology, including Zone Therapy, Vacuflex, Vita Flex and Chiropody (though the latter is used interchangeably with 'podiatry' in the U.S.A. and indicates a medical doctor.)

It can be combined with other complementary therapies such as acupressure, shiatsu, yoga, tai chi, colour therapy, magnetic therapy, meridian therapy, and reiki. Sometimes there are no benefits (when combined with other modalities) as  it tends to water down the power of what reflexology can do if too many things are combined.  When someone does a full reflexology session (typically 30 min to 1 hour max) and then a full session of another therapy, the combination can net some noticeable results quickly. 

How can you tell if a reflexologist is a good one? The answer is subjective.  Surely you don't want someone who had just read a book about it.  On the other hand, there are many practitioners who have had seemingly a lot of training but still not be good at it. "Deep pressure, even small finger-walking "bites", all over every inch of the foot and toes gives a feeling of relaxation and release of tightness in my neck and shoulders.  Something that feels light and rather like a foot massage is pretty bad."

Many people go to reflexologists for stress related problems or injuries.  It helps people to relax before surgery - and also to heal more quickly.





Credits:  Orange text from Regional Director of International Institute of Reflexology, Past President Reflexology Association of America