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Children are a lot of fun. My friends' children are a continuation of my friendship.

If you spot your child here, please email the the Webmaster.

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pianokids1small.jpg (3308 bytes) noemismall.jpg (3163 bytes) rohansmall.jpg (2729 bytes) jeffsmall.jpg Daisy, 3 mos
mayasmall.jpg (2590 bytes) michaelsmall.jpg (3191 bytes) atlionhillsmall.jpg (3294 bytes) Copenhagen April 2004
Sam Bowen age 5 Alexander Griffin, 5 months Max 4, Laura 7 Noemi 6.5 Edward Theodore van Dorp
Max, 2.5 years Teun at 2 Rosa and Gaia Duet with MingRen 8 John at Easter
Nora at one in Tanzania Nora's 1st birthday Jean Ruy, December 2004 Amsterdam HC and sons 2004