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Torn Between Two Women

parodied by Anne Ku

London, 19 March 2003

to the tune of Mary MacGregor's "Torn Between Two Lovers"

Words & Music by Peter Yarrow and Phil Jarrel (circa 1976)

midi [Can you find a better one?]

There are times when a man

has to say what's on his mind

Even though he knows how much it's gonna hurt.

I've got another life, with the daughter I rarely see

She's the reason I am living like this, the reason I'm not free.


You see, I have known her, long before she was first born

Now eleven years later, she is still the best

And before she gets any older, I want more time alone with her.

She's my only child, everything to me, and always daddy's girl.


Torn between two women,

different as day and night

Loving both of you

was once my sheer delight.

Torn between two women,

thousand miles apart,

Loving you both

is challenging my heart.


I really want to have you be a part of my other life,

Get to know my daughter who lives with my ex-wife.

She's sweet and innocent,

Pretty, talented, and full of joy,

Never blaming me for my past which I cannot destroy.


Torn between two women,

how can I explain?

Loving both of you

is like sunshine and the rain.

Torn between two women,

please listen once again.

Loving you both

is causing too much pain.


Couldn't really blame you, if you turned and walked away,

But with everything I feel inside, I'm begging you to stay.


Torn between two women,

feeling so confused.

Loving both of you

is forcing me to choose.

Torn between two women,

feeling misunderstood

Loving you both,

I'm giving all I could.



Torn between two women,

I would like to keep

Loving both of you

is making very weak.

Torn between two women,

feeling like a fool

Loving both of you

is getting too hard to do.


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