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Moroccan party in Camden Town

When Paul Makepeace discovered this unique two-level Moroccan restaurant a few months ago, he couldn't resist booking it for a party. He proceeded to e-mail his friends and contacts.

I replied, "I'd love to go. But what's the occasion?"

I'm one of those people who will only celebrate if there's a purpose. Why have a party for the sake of partying?

There are so many celebrated occasions that I have hardly time to celebrate a nonevent. Still, I was curious about the place and the kinds of people that would show up.

To be sure, I invited my friends Phil and Lulu from Hampstead to attend. They in turn invited three friends who were arriving from San Francisco. I invited a pianist/composer I met recently as it was conveniently located in her neighbourhood.

True to its reputation, 95 Park was a cozy little place. Other than the fresh mint tea with honey, I was not too enamoured by the look of Moroccan food hungrily devoured by the jet-lagged San Franciscans. Still, it has made me even more curious to visit Morocco some day.

18 December 2003 Thursday

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