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Introducing London at night

"You must do this all the time," said Vicky.

"What? Showing people around London?" I asked. "Not at all. It's not often. There are two types of people."

Most people who come to London on business don't have much time to look around. So I end up arranging to have dinner and at most see a show.

Then there are those who come to London for pleasure. I have had two families of four stay with me. I've had couples, singles, and all varieties of friends stay with me or rendezvous with me in central London. If they have time, then I'd show them the London I know.

Tonight after a vegetarian dinner in Knightsbridge, I took my friend and his two colleagues on a sightseeing tour. It was eve of George Bush's state visit, but London was surprisingly free of traffic.

Where did everyone go? Home - to prepare for the demonstrations tomorrow.

We hopped on bus 14 to get to Piccadilly Circus. The three Americans were fascinated by the high resolution screen, the only neon lights in London. We then took a bus up Regents Street which is famous for its regency buildings that curve gently along.

From Paddington Station, we took the Underground to Westminster for they wanted to see the Houses of Parliament. Westminster tube station is one of the deepest, and it reminded Vicky of the metro stations in Paris.

From Westminster, we walked along the embankment and then walked up the stairs to the bridge. This is one of my favourite spots in London. From the bridge, which extends to South Bank, you can see St Paul's and other notable buildings.

The stories I told of London came from conversations and newspapers over the years. Although they were sufficent to entertain my American guests, I would not be able to pass as a professional tour guide.

Tour guide? Interesting idea to add to my porfolio career!

19 November 2003 Wednesday

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