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Note: Background images in December 2002 and January 2003 journal entries are selected from Frances Ku's collection of her original watercolours.

Bon Journal

Winter parody jam

Unlike the Winter Solstice Concert, where the ratio of audience to performers was 8 to 1, the Jam session was 100% performers. If you didn't play an instrument or sing, you were out of the show.

For Charlie and Deanne from southern California, it was their duo birthday celebration I found out. But today's jam session was planned well in advance.

Four guitars, one bongo, one piano, and several voices. It was a guitar-led blues improvisation mixed with parody-singing.

analyticalQ had reached the top of the Google Charts with its collection of Enron parodies. A New York Times reporter had taken some of the pieces, after seeking permission, but neglected to credit analyticalQ with the collection. Never mind, but because of this new attention, parodies became fashionable.

We sang about the blackouts in California to the tune of Rawhide theme song. We sang about Jeff Skilling of Enron killing softly with his song. We sang for Ken Lay of Enron who asked his employees not to cry for him, Argentina. We sang the Iraq song, a new parody submitted to analyticalQ.

After Texan chilli and Japanese curry, we played Pictionary. What a great game - girls vs. boys - and of course, the girls won because we're so much more intuitive and patient and better communicators.

The second party arrived just as the first party was set to go. They were hungry from the champagne. Phil took out his electric violin, the first I've seen and heard up close. Together with Robert the guitarist, we played some tunes from the Corrs. It soon became a karoke party as the three ladies discovered the music books on my shelves. And we sang until midnight!

29 December 2002 Sunday

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