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Writing complaint letters

There's an art to writing letters of complaint. And soon I'm going to be an expert.

I've written letter to my bank for causing me grief in the last four weeks. If they don't respond, I will contact the financial regulator FSA.

I've written a complaint to my telephone company for not being to make contact via the telephone or their Web site (ironic, I know). I've written to the telecoms regulator Oftel, informing their research department of my previous complaints: BT and the bloody terrible phone service.

I am going to write to EnergyWatch, which oversees electricity and gas retail suppliers in the UK. I am still owed money from my previous electricity supplier. I am going to write to my current electricity supplier for making me wait months to switch my meter.

I am going to write to Airmiles to enquire why they haven't added the miles from my trip to Milan, Spain, and China.

I wish I could complain about my builder. But I only have his mobile number and he's stopped returning my calls. There are no regulatory bodies overseeing builders that don't charge VAT and don't have a mailing address.

If I have any more complaints, I'll just use the following form -- to complain to myself.

Summary description of complaint

Contact with company staff so far
What actions you would like the company to take
Chronological timeline of events
What should have happened but didn't
How have you been inconvenienced: time, effort, etc.
Any other comments
Send to (email address) (separate by comma & space for multiple addresses)
Comments to yourself


13 October 2002 Sunday

It's not a perfect world after all, Bon Journal Newsletter Issue 4
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