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From problems to solutions

We're not always good as sorting out our own problems as we are at advising others. In any personal situation, there are complicated emotions involved. For the same reasons, it's better to hire a lawyer than to defend yourself. Sometimes you even need a decision analyst to help you define the problem to begin with.

Whenever I think about the current problem I have, I get quite furious and distracted. It takes over my mind, blocks out everything else, and becomes a big hairy monster. It wasn't only until I participated in an exercise in my Monday evening NLP class that I discovered that I had been anchored in "feelings" rather than logic. My anger, frustration, impatience, and worry paralysed my ability to move through the logical sequence of problem solving.

How ironic for someone who has spent most of her life solving other people's problems!

Here is the process to go through. You will notice a change in your outlook. I noticed that I hadn't even defined why it was a problem. That's where I had gotten stuck.

You can either ask someone to ask these questions or you can fill out the form and send it to yourself or someone else or both or more!

Note: This form will note work if the responses in each field are too long! will not receive what you write unless you specify it's for the webmaster (

What is your problem?
Why is it a problem?
Why do you have it?
What caused it?
What are your limitations in solving it?
Who is to blame?
Why haven't you solved it yet?
What do you want?
How do you want it to be?
What do you need to get it?
What resources do you already have that would help you with this?
How will you go about doing this?
Where are you now?
Send to (email address) (separate by comma & space for more addresses)


9 October 2002 Wednesday

Making personal decisions
It's not a perfect world after all, Bon Journal Newsletter Issue 4
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