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Signs, the movie

46-year old Mel Gibson, father of seven, wakes up from a bad dream. He is the widower, the father of two, the preacher who left the church in the movie Signs.

I didn't know much about the movie, except that it was about crop circles. After visiting Avebury this summer, I figured that I could learn something more about stone circles by going to see this movie.

On a superficial level, you might think it's about aliens from outer space and the end of the world. If that's what you think, then you're far too superficial to appreciate it.

The Father lost faith when his wife was killed in a car accident, by a local veterinarian who had fallen asleep on the wheel. Like many others who have lost their loved ones, it did not make any sense to him. He had done nothing wrong. Why did God punish him and his family so?

So when it was clear that the aliens were invading Earth, he gave in.

There lies the rub. Or rather, there lies the twist.

It's unlike any other movie about aliens -- no violence. But it will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat and gasping for breath.

It's a thriller in every way. And afterwards, it makes you think. Not crop circles, but the circular way it ends as it began.

28 September 2002 Saturday

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