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Visiting Floriade 2002

Only once every ten years my Dutch friend told me, Floriade was an outdoor exhibition I must not miss.

Floriade comes from "flora" and "promenade." A nature walk? A walk in the flora? Whatever it promised, we walked for over six hours.

The Connexion bus from Schipol Airport dropped us outside the southern entrance to the Floriade. The next stop would have been the northern entrance.

About the only hill you see in this area of the Haarlemeer is one constructed especially for the Floriade. Inside the hill is a modern installation. Around the hill are battery-powered carts that cost around 2 Euros for a ride.

Floriade 2002 reminds me of World Expo 1975 on Okinawa. I was just a kid then, but it was a quick way to see the world.

At Floriade 2002 are gardens and installations from different countries that chose to participate. Without a doubt, the Japanese garden was most impressive. The outdoor nature playground was the most fun, even for us adults!

I was disappointed that places became deserted by 6 pm. Eateries were closing or closed. Although Floriade was still open until dark, the employees were operating normal working hours.

No wonder it's so empty. No wonder it's been rumoured that it's not a sell-out!

27 September 2002 Friday

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Floriade 2002
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