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New neighbours

After almost two months of peace, the house next door is finally being occupied again.

Like all newcomers into this neighbourhood, they don't realise how well sound travels. I could hear at least four different voices. I could hear every single word. And I fear that the rest of my summer will be shot.

I've gotten used to talking quietly, if not, under my breath. But it's taken me a year to learn to do this.

My new neighbours must have figured it out. This afternoon they decided to turn on the sports channel while they sunbathed and slept. This constant droning was probably to drown out my noise, or rather, the voices of me and my visiting friends. There's nothing worse than chit chat, I think. It's already bad enough to hear other people's voice, noise, and even music.

As new neighbours, they're being watched by the incumbent. I see that they've taken time to pot a new plant and varnish their landlord's outdoor bench. Let's see whether they smoke or party loudly.

Soon I will need to introduce myself. I am, after all, trying to start a new neighbourhood watch. And it's pointless just "watching" these new neighbours. I've got to get them to join the "watch" !!

16 August 2002 Friday

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