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Austin Powers - Goldmember

Now and then again I crave for something that is so ridiculous that I would have a fit. Life is too serious at times. And life is too short to be serious all the time.

Austin Powers. The Naked Gun. They all fit the bill.

Having seen the two previous Austin Powers movies, I was expecting the third to crack me up. Yes, it did. But sequels always disappoint - call it diminishing marginal utility, each subsequent movie is less satisfying than the previous.

Mike Myers takes on an additional fourth role - the crazy Dutchman Goldmember. Unfortunately, he has the wrong accent. I've been enough times to Germany and the Netherlands to know the difference. And the Dutch will not be amused when they see the confusion.

Some great scenes:

Nigel Powers (Michael Caine) and Austin Powers (Mike Myers') banter in cockney rhyme - you wouldn't have guessed that it's English!

Foxxy Cleopatra using someone else to talk to Austin in the 70's disco lounge. Now what is the name of that someone? a cross dressed man - I've seen him before - but where?

The Scottish accent of Fat Bastard - just brilliant!

What a laugh!

15 August 2002 Thursday

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Austin Powers
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