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Blue sky day

After almost a month of rain and unsettled weather, London is finally getting its "blue sky day." The sun is out and under normal circumstances, I would be joyful.

Instead, I woke up at 11 am feeling old and haggard. I've been going to bed late, trying to get my computer up to scratch. Add to this, physically I'm hurting when I sit, walk, or stand for too long. Not being able to exercise for a week, I feel "disabled" and "handicapped."

Maybe it's just comparing myself to my mother, who has been actively cooking and cleaning for me this past week. Soon after her jet lag, she's been clearing up my overgrown garden and bringing me back to a "normal" existence.

Of course, this phenomenon called "convalescing" is only temporary. Soon I will be able to cycle, run, swim, dance, and do all those things that require a sound body and mind.

Meanwhile, had I not planned my life this way, I would be in Birmingham today, celebrating the christening of my friend's daughter.

Still, when I complained to a neighbour about the sun being too hot, he replied, "it's about time we have good weather." Indeed, the glass is half full, not half empty.

14 July 2002 Sunday

While lying in my hammock today, I noticed that my mom has cleared up most of the crazy ivy that grows on my fence and walls.
Stiving for light,
layer upon layer,
the ivy climbs,
Over time it disrupts,
breaks roofs,
steals nutrients
of mighty roses.
it takes over,
the entire garden.
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