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Intangible gifts

People give. It's a courtesy, an etiquette, and an expectation especially when we visit someone. But what do you give to someone you don't know very well?

As a regular recipient of gifts, I wish I could tell my friends old and new what to give me. I don't want clutter, especially new, expensive clutter.

The other day, I returned home to find a bouquet of flowers. I was so excited. It was from my third conservatory company, thanking me for ordering a dream conservatory. That sealed the agreement.

Many men don't understand why women like getting flowers. They're not long-lasting. They perish. Yet that feeling of appreciation and love lasts forever.

If someone insists on giving me a present, I would prefer if it's useful, or better yet, consummable. But it's hard to tell what I need unless he/she knows me well.

The best gifts are the intangible kind. You can't see, touch, smell, or taste it. These gifts may not even be intentional or occasional, but they're given at the time of greatest need. The right gift at the right time - yes, that's what it's all about.

People like to give. They give free advice. They introduce their contacts. They give suggestions. They give their opinion. They give their time. They listen. Just ask, and they will give.

There are plenty of ideas for gift giving. It just takes a lot of thought to give the right gift at the right time. After all, it's the thought that counts.

21 April 2002 Sunday

Giving homemade things