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Third anniversary

Three years ago today I launched analyticalQ web site. My initial reasons for doing this were

1- to figure out what "building and maintaining a web site" means

2- to have a platform to express myself and a laboratory to test my ideas

3- to meet others who share my interests and passions

But what a surprise this journey has taken me.

Through reciprocal links and search engines, long lost friends and foe have found me. I learned then that it is easier to make yourself easily found than to search for other people. I'm still looking for a few people who haven't found me yet.

Before I started promoting the music part of my site, the most popular section was UK immigration. I only wrote one internet article about the subject, backed up by a page on my site as well as built a corporate site for an immigration advisory firm. And even as I write, people are clicking on those pages.

Music still continues to take the biggest chunk of the apple pie.

It took me just one evening to put together the parodies page before the Google search engine listed me as number one for "Enron parodies." And this New York Times editor found it, asked me about my site, promised to mention it, but instead took all the stuff from my page and didn't mention me. Oh well! He probably thinks I'm just a pianist who doesn't care.

Tonight as I brought down the two remaining photo albums from my music bookshelf, I couldn't help notice that they spanned a decade between them. 1982 was the year I graduated and left Okinawa. 1992 was a most eventful year of family. And now, it's 2002. Before long, it will be 2012. Will analyticalQ be around still? If so, what will it look like?

15 March 2002 Friday

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