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The tube ride to central London reminds me why I prefer to stay at home. The dysfunctional rail track between Putney Bridge and Wimbledon Bridge re-enforces my reluctance to rely on public transport: you just cannot depend on everything going smoothly 100%.

While in this long transit, I read a two-sided article by Hermann Keppler called "Health Naturally - Over-acidity" It alerts us to the so-called civilisation diseases, many of which are incurable and socially very costly.

The civilisation diseases are illustrated in a diagram showing how impurity levels rise with age.

By the time we're 30, we might have cold feet, furry tongue, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, listlessness, and exhaustion. Our fatty tissues become loaded with impurities as are our connective tissues, and eventually our muscles and cartilage. We may then develop varicose veins, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, muscle tension, and cramp.

By the time we're 50, we may have developed arterio sclerosis, high cholesterol, blood circulation problems, pancreatic disorders, liver damage, kidney stones, gall stones, and leg ulcers. Our blood vessel walls and inner organs get "loaded" and eventually we develop hearing problems, osteoporosis, glandular disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, as our head organs and brain get "loaded." It's not a pretty sight.

"The majority of people in our society today do suffer from over-acidity of the body fluids, which make up to 70% of the bodyweight." Incorrect eating habits as well as overeating cause our stools to remain too long in the colon where it putrefies. Unpleasant gases then form. If they are not released, they combine with body liquids to form more harmful acids that affect the cells, organs, glands, and body functions. If they aren't expelled through the urine or the skin (through sweat), they are combined with extracting and trace minerals to form salts which cannot be easily dissolved. These salts are then deposited away from the vital organs in peripheral areas such as the legs, shoulders, neck, and under the scalp. These hardened crystals are the cause of the pain associated with headaches, rheumatism, and arthritis.

One remedy against overacidity is to avoid acid-forming substances like alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco, black tea, salt, sugar, chocolates, sweets, biscuits, soda crackers, and meat. Non-acidforming (i.e. alkaline-forming) foods include avocado, fresh raw vegetable and fruit juice, all fresh fruits except plums and prunes, all salad greens, steamed and raw vegetables, and kelp.

Reading this made me understand why more and more of my friends are becoming vegetarian. It also explains why smoking is becoming very unpopular.

20 August 2001

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