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Poem till tomorrow

A million words could not describe
A thousand answers will not reveal
A hundred emails cannot convey
What goes on inside.

A million sensations stirred in a week
A thousand images etched in the mind
A hundred emotions captured and released
All that the heart seeks.

Fleeting thoughts from a hundred cues
Tenderness of a thousand caresses
Recollections of a million moments
Tirelessly, the mind pursues.

A hundred dreams to create and follow
A thousand promises to make or break
A million desires to fill the time and space
The emptiness till tomorrow.

Anne Ku
London 31 May 2001

Some visitors / readers have enquired about getting access to romantic fiction. I have written many love stories, poems, and songs -
and indeed if there is demand and appreciation for such things - I would gladly set aside a section for it. CONTACT WEBMASTER please.
As a teenager, I read Harlequin romances and novels by the late Barbara Cartland. Perhaps that's why I'm such a romantic at heart. And perhaps that's why I still believe in love and the wonderful sensations it brings.
Back then, I even analysed love - and researched on the colours of love. However, as time passed, it's easy to become more cynical. After all, how many times can you fall in love? "Love like you've never been hurt." More easily said than done.
Still, love inspires and ignites fires. So while the moment lasts, let it be productive.
Here is my latest poem. Like many things in life, one doesn't always begin at the beginning. Someone else started the first four lines and I merely continued.