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Energy Links

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Links of links (a collection)
Data and publications
Energy research, consulting, publishing companies
Energy conversion tables
Country reports
National statistical offices
Power in Europe

Links of Links

Power companies in the world UDI's Bookmark
Power links in Europe by Montel
Power marketers online PMA Online links
Electricity Journal links links from the monthly journal
Oil and Gas Industry Links Companies and useful sites
Alexander's Gas and Oil Connections A weekly news site for the gas, oil and affiliated industry. Lots of news here with a long term international perspective.
OECD Links to other statistical sites
UNECE United Nations, Economic Commission for Europe Statistical Division
Stoner's Links: useful GIS and gas Graphical Information Systems and US gas sites
Pipeline Simulation links Pipeline simulation solution providers
The Gas Connection An online community created exclusively for natural gas professionals
Gas and Oil Connection Electronic market for information and data for oil and gas industries
LNG Express Internet guide to LNG industry world wide

Data and Publications

UN Gas Database
BP Statistical Review of World Energy 1998 All primary energy sources, reserves, production, consumption, prices (excel version also downloadable)
IEA Key World Energy Statistics Supply, consumption, energy balances, prices, etc.
OECD 1998 in Figures Demography, employment, industry, energy etc.
World Bank's Development Indicators Economic time series, social indicators, population projections, etc.
World Bank 1998 Atlas 210 countries and territories (60 pages, US$ 20.00)

Energy Research, Consulting, Publication Companies

Adam Smith Institute Economic policy institute, privatisation, E. Europe
CERA:  Cambridge Energy Research Associates Good economic analysis.
DRI-McGraw Hill Energy data providers and econometric forecasting
The Economist International weekly journal
European Union Statistical Office See below for stat offices of individual countries
Financial Times Energy Publications Very good analysis, but expensive to subscribe to
Gas Matters Electronic version of their popular newsletter available.
IAEE:  International Association for Energy Economics Excellent conferences, event calendar, links to other sites
Institute of Petroleum Lots of links and useful information
IEA:  International Energy Agency Lots of free energy statistics, climate change, etc
London Economics UK-based consultancy
OECD:  Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development Statistics and publications on OECD countries
OXERA:  Oxford Economic Research Associates An economic consultancy advising on regulation
Platt's (of McGraw-Hill, Standard and Poor's) Oil, gas, power, etc.
Petroleum Economist Magazine, publications, maps, and training
Purvin and Gertz International energy consultants
Roland Berger & Partners International management consultants of German origin
Royal Institute of International Affairs Independent research and membership organisation: many excellent publications available to purchase
UK Department of Trade and Industry Contact numbers and UK energy publications to order
US EIA: Energy Information Administration All kinds of free stats and reports
WEFA: Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates Leading economic information and consulting firm
Wood MacKenzie Famous for their Electronic Book, upstream analysis
Wood MacKenzie Newsletter Back issues also available
World Energy Council Has some good reports and links

Conversion Tables

Standard references, energy equivalents Shell Oil
All sorts of conversions and references CIA
Metric conversion factors EIA
Metric prefixes EIA
Volume conversions Institute of Petroleum
Natural gas conversion CNG domestic
Various conversions Martindale's The Reference Desk On-line
Electric appliances PGE Residential
Residential gas calculator Choose the best domestic gas supplier

Country Reports

Trade New Zealand:  free Country Reports
OECD Economic Analysis of countries
World Bank brief country profiles    
DOE Fossil Energy     
EIA country links
US CIA Country Factbooks
US State Department Background Notes
Washington Post links to regions and countries
Czech Republic
Germany (EIA)

National Statistical Offices

Cyprus, Department of Statistics
Denmark, Statistics Denmark
Finland, Statistics Finland
France, INSEE
Germany, Federal Statistical Office
Greece, National Statistical Service (provisional)
Iceland, Statistics Iceland
Ireland, CSO
Italy, Istat
Luxembourg, Statec
Malta, Central Office of Statistics
Netherlands, Central Statistical Office
Norway, Statistics Norway
Portugal, INE
Spain, INE
Sweden, Statistics Sweden
Switzerland, Swiss Federal Statistical Office
Turkey, Turkish State Institute of Statistics
United Kingdom, ONS

Power in Europe

  Participant Exchange, Grid Operator Regulator Other News Associations
Switzerland Atel,   EGL      
Spain   Spanish Pool    
Norway   Nordpool   Montel
Sweden   the OM group    
Germany PreussenElektra,
RWE Energie
    VDEW - German Electricity Association
Netherlands   APX    
UK London Electricity,
The Biz List
National Grid Company OFFER UK Power,
Electricity Association
Austria       VEO - Austrian Electricity Association