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On travel

Q: We are going to Italy for the first time. Can you tell us where we should go?

A: If you like art, go to Florence. If you like music, go to Venice. If you like fashion, go to Milan. If you like churches, go to Rome. If you like to study, go to Bologna. If you are romantic, go to Verona. If you like to lean, go to Pisa.

Q: I'm flying from the US to Europe. How should I plan my trip?

A: Get a cheap flight to London. There are plenty of cheap planes, trains, and ferries from England to continental Europe or Ireland. You can use your ATM (cash till) card to withdraw money in the local currency of the place you're at.

Q: Which airline should I fly?

A: For long-haul flights to Asia, I like Singapore Airlines as they pamper you. For long-haul flights to the US, I fly Virgin - as I can watch movies already shown in the US. By the time I get to the US, I can watch the latest releases. For short hops, I don't really care. International flights are generally better than US domestic flights. Be sure to get airmiles.