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The Diary
Anne Ku

5 March 2001 Monday



Tne recent survey by William M. Mercer Ltd of quality of life in 215 cities in the world confirmed my suspicions. London was ranked 40th, below Dublin, but above New York.

Worsening traffic congestion, transport problems, and an increase in theft were to blame. I completely agree, after mourning for my stolen bicycles and waiting impatiently for the train to arrive, while shivering in the cold.

The only way to enjoy London, I've concluded, is to live within walking distance of the place of work or study. I used to live where the action was. Now I experience the inconvenience of not having nice patisseries nearby and having to plan my time in advance.

So how am I going to cope? Equipped with my mobile phone and laptop, I should be able to work from anywhere. Now that Internet grocery shopping has been introduced, I shouldn't have to cycle to the shops. But there is still one problem. Where can I go dancing?

The World's Best Cities
  • Vancouver
  • Zurich
  • Vienna
  • Copenhagen
  • Geneva
  • Sydney
  • Auckland
  • Helsinki
  • Bern
  • Frankfurt
  • Munich
  • Amsterdam
  • Melbourne
  • Oslo
  • Stockholm