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Public Holidays

While it may be easy to find public holidays in the past and in the current year, it is more difficult to find which dates public holidays fall in the future.  So I asked for web sites that gave information on public holidays in different countries in the world - not just for the next year --- but for a longer period.  Ideally, public holidays should follow some kind of formula, e.g. the first Monday in a particular month.  The responses I got back are as follows.

If anyone knows of anymore, please email the Webmaster.

Great Britain has the lowest number of public holidays in Europe: only 8. Italy has 16. Even Singapore has 11 - evenly distributed among its ethic make-up and religious orders. The best thing to do, I reckon, is to arbitrage between holidays. In other words, work in the place with the holiday. So fly to the US around Thanksgiving time, but be back in UK for Christmas.


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