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C.A.L.L. stands for the first initials for the four girls who grew up together.  Three of them graduated and left in 1981.  The one remaining, Anne Ku, wrote this poem.

The seawall was a symbol of the fun times together.  It was only a short walk from my house.


I must sing and tell of a beautiful sight

Here at the sea wall, the waves in their plight

Incoming tides so rapid and new

The sea wind blows on the admiring few.

The sun faintly sets, the tides splash on

Their roughness in beat, their roaring in song.

Enchanting, like Circe, they urgently call

"Come, come join us away from that wall."

The clouds so dark and ominous overhead

Dim the sunlight in the skies they spread

So cosy, comforting to lie on the wall

To dream and think of the three missing C.A.L.L.

Night shall come and soon appear

Welcoming the tides so close I hear

Rushing towards me, the whites I see

Don't let me leave so soon, I plea.


Ann Ku, 1981, Okinawa, Japan