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A Moment in Ponder

November winds overcome the distant sun

Chillingly the earth is lit

Warmth does not transcend.

The day in darkness had begun

Come rain, north wind ever in visit

Now dimming, hopeless toward day's end.

High tides splashing in laziness

Clouds, unused, unwanted, appear faint

No warmth penetrates the dismal cold.

So it is: nothing in excess

But how unfeeling they acquaint

Light against darkness; warmth against coldness.

Like this, our lives begin with faint hope

Added toil and success, increased ambitions

Worldliness overcomes innocence and ignorance.

Through hardship that we cannot cope

Gained wisdom, lost purity, all in realization

One moment overshadowing, others in negligence.

Ann Ku, 1981, Okinawa, Japan