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Note from analyticalQ presents (31 July 2003):

MontgomeryCo was an information site designed and built by Anne Ku in October 1998 for a UK immigration advisory firm to thank them for their kind advice and help. It was cited in the Freepint article that appeared April 1999.

Due to new changes in UK immigration law, this site is no longer hosted by analyticalQ. The company has their own site at (July 2003)

If you specifically want to see this information site to see an example of Anne Ku's research, design, and web-building skills, please contact webmaster or visit Anne Ku's Web Advice.

Please consult the IMMIGRATION section of analyticalQ for more up-to-date information and links.

If you would like to get free advice, you contact analyticalQ webmaster to find out about firms that offer "No Visa, No Fee." On this basis, they will answer your questions, at the same time assess whether your case would be successful enough for them to take you on. Alternatively, you can visit their site for free information on immigration.

Details of UK immigration and work permits are contained in the Home Office's web site.