analyticalQ frequent visitor writes:

Those who advocate negotiations and nonmilitary actions are the same appeasers who in ww2 would rather avoid confronting hitler than save millions he aimed kill and torture. These are the same people who would rather see people like the Ku family under Japanese colonialism than have the courage of Harry S. Truman, who had to make the tough decision to drop the atomic bombs that halted further mass murders and atrocities for all peoples of Asia, thus saving even more lives of american soldiers.

If America did that out of its own economic interest, then I sure am glad it did!

Now, America has terror on its own shores. And it's unbelievable there are people who think America should appease. Oh so America should back down when it's being threatened, and only help other countries (like Asia, Europe, and Kuwait) when THEY are being threatened? That sounds very selfish indeed as well as dumb, yet unbelievably, leftist intellectuals in america and other socialist countries who along with thousands of extremist muslims actually believe that. They all actually agree!

Very seditious.

Yet the anti-war protesters who may have been correct during vietnam, do not even recognize that this is a completely different situation. These armchair advisors have the nerve to protest against the very machine (military) that protects their freedom to spew out their opinions without being rounded up and shot.

It boils down to this: you simply cannot negotiate with people who want mass destruction. right now it's not about U.S. policies. It's about life or death. If we don't want to die, we have to fight. If we want to die, let's sit back and let them fly more planes into towers and bring over some smallpox as well.

Changes in U.S. policies should be made, but that alone will not work, unless you want to pull out of the world and become isolationist. This would pull out billions of $ of foreign aid and business and travel (which would be great for Hawaii because then we'd get everybody who would normally go to Europe). Isolationism may sound good but is not feasible and not popular enough for it to occur.

Change in dependency on oil is necessary. But until you get all those oil lobbyists out of the pix, it will be hard. It will take a revolution in this country for non-oil energy to be won. It may occur one day, but it won't occur right now.

Today, people in academic circles are leftist intellectuals trying to keep tenure and write 'progressive' material to keep their jobs, when in fact some of their ideas are at most unrealistic and self-annhilating. although I went to one of those liberal schools, I'm not going to bend under pressure and go along with the faddish trend of being for peace. Peace as a tool to obtain peace is only good for a 30-minute inner meditation and getting along with your neighbor. But if your neighbor attacks you, are you going to just accept your own death?

Machiavelli's adage is still good: "to preserve peace, one must prepare for war." unfortunately, liberals think "peace" is some supernatural word that will change the world if uttered.

All religions have produced extremists. All religions have been abused. even peaceful Buddhism was abused in Taiwan when some leaders conned millions of dollars from followers by tricking them into believing in their magical powers. Some Christians in this country do the same. every religions is open to becoming a tool of control over the mind.

Right now it is not about religion. If some fanatic Christian group flew those planes in the WTC, believe me, america would still feel the same way. After all, who cares what their religion is when they want a body count? They are not going after farmer John or the drug dealer in Harlem. They are going after the movers and shakers of the world economy.

If leftist intellectuals believe peace is the solution, then they all need to go to afghanistan and negotiate it with the Taliban, who abhor any kind of liberal secular lifestyle that these same people practice. They'd be executed on the spot.

Liberals think the world think and act like they do. Wrong. There are people in the world who do not want to debate with you. They think you are an infidel for just listening to music. Plus, any suffering they go thru they'll blame America, because America is so dominant in the world, even when it's not directly america's fault. It's easier to blame america than to face the fact that your society suffers from tyrannical leaders or simple mismanagement.

If America is so inept, then why is everybody trying to immigrate into this country? All kinds of Muslims are on the green card waiting list. obviously America is doing something right.

We have to realize its freedoms and low taxes are valuable and are worth any other inconvenience. And, just because a country is a superpower does not mean it should be perfect. It cannot possibly treat everybody in the world equally. Nor can it be a perfect society.

When I immigrated to this country, I did not expect America to be perfect. Neither should the rest of the world. People who look only to America to solve the world's problems and Americans who think this country can do so are completely deluded.

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