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Finding the time to write

I seem to swing between music and writing. I'm either practising for a concert or writing for a publication. These days, I've neglected my piano, preferring to update this Bon Journal instead.

In between the instant messenger chats, reading and replying to e-mails, making phone calls, I'm sitting in front of my computer trying to focus on my next journal entry. Every day I find so much to write about. Yet it's the time to write that I find so little of.

My hunger pains are calling me. I've forgotten to eat.

I get up early to steal some time. I go to bed late to save some time. The longer I'm awake, the less I am able to sleep.

Why should I update my journal every day? No one tells me to. No one pays me to.

It's an inner calling, a commitment I have made to myself, to write every single day. That is the only way to improve. [Oh yes, I should read every day, too.]

And the ultimate goal? To write a book, an entire book that I can proudly call myself an author.

But getting there requires better time management. And analyticalQ sponsorship

15 December 2003 Monday

The joys and pains of writing and editing, Le Bon Journal volume 2, issue 1 (2-page PDF)
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