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Migrating databases and fixing PC's

When you change your web host, there's a lot of setting up and testing involved. Because it's a once in a blue moon event, you have hardly the incentive to know it well, particularly in a new hosting environment.

I am going to write it down so that I won't be a damsel in distress next time.

How to transfer contents of old database (guestbook) into the new:

  1. Transfer files from guestbook directory on old web host to directory on new web host
  2. Go to old web host: get into mysql database and dump both structure and data into a file (ends with sql) on your PC.
  3. Go to new web host control panel: visit mysql database, create a new database, create new user and password
  4. Go to guestbook's admin directory and open file (in Wordpad.exe)
  5. Change the username and password to match what you've created
  6. Change the dbase name to match what you've created
  7. Save file
  8. Upload (transfer) file (to replace old) on new webhost
  9. Go to new host control panel, my php admin
  10. Upload SQL file from your PC.
  11. Test new guestbook.

How to add a link to the guestbook menu:

  1. In FTP, go into the admin directory and template subdirectory.
  2. Highlight and click on all files within it.
  3. Right click and select CHMOD
  4. Change the number to 777, which will give you read and write and execute access.
  5. Go to the guestbook admin. Login.
  6. Go to Templates and select body.php.
  7. Insert a line of text (including the meta tags).
  8. Submit and save.
  9. Go back to the FTP, and right click/CHMOD on the highlighted files again.
  10. Change the number back to 644.

My friend came by to diagnose what was wrong with my laptop. Six and a half hours later, after an upgrade to Windows XP and defragmentation of my hard disk, I got a brand new machine --- almost too good to let go.

7 December 2003 Sunday

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