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Today I received a CD from India containing a single track of music 12 minutes long. The composer stumbled upon my web site several months ago and had downloaded my entire site to find out more. Eventually he decided to send me a sample of his music to get my feedback.

Today I also learned from that another analyticalQ fan had purchased for me the two books by Walter Piston that I had put on my Wish List. He's the first one to sponsor in this way.

To top it off, my latest customer from through which I'm selling my books wanted to buy two items listed in my de-clutter sale: corded power drill and Chinese tea set.

These are the different ways people support this online journal. And I am grateful.

Other ways people have showed their appreciation: parodies of Bon Journal entry topics --- the latest being "We Love Your Bon Journal" to the tune of "Those Were the Days"; requests to meet me in person and take me out to lunch; and lots of wonderful e-mail messages of encouragement and appreciation!

Probably the biggest support is the hosting of this ever growing web site. A friend paid for a year of power hosting. And now it's being hosted by the developers at Time-Twins, a site to help you find your time twin.

I am grateful also for the suggestions and advice I've received over the years, the latest being to build a discussion forum to build a community so that analyticalQ visitors can communicate to each other. After all, regular visitors have a common interest and goal.

Another suggestion is to have a site map.

It was such a thrill when a lady sitting next to me, at an industry lunch in Amsterdam last year, looked at my name badge and said,"So you're Anne Ku. I've been reading the energy articles on your site."

But does anyone know what analyticalQ stands for? And where it came from?

25 November 2003 Tuesday

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