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Ann Ku and Google

Google has become one of the most popular engines today. So popular that it has become a verb.

Before I meet someone I haven't met face-to-face, I'd "google" to get prepared. After I meet someone who seems interesting, I'd "google" to confirm his/her identity.

Googling yourself has become a favourite pastime, to find out how popular you are.

I google old boyfriends to find out what they're up to. But there are still some friends that don't appear on google at all.

I forget that not everyone is online. Some people might have very interesting and rewarding lives --- off-line. Outside of cyberspace, people can still carry on --- as prior to the Internet age. So why should I expect to find classmates who have married and become full-time moms to be found on the Web?

Equally, I am sure some of my old classmates have tried to google my name "Ann Ku" and come to the same conclusion. Where did Ann Ku go?

I've simply added an e to my first name so that I can be found ---- on Google.

5 November 2003 Wednesday

Google, google
Giggle, giggle
Anne Ku or Ann Ku?
Anne Gu or Ann Gu?
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