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Builder's assistant

Why does vaccuuming (hoovering) up the mess seem so familiar? Ah! I am to the builder as the dental assistant is to the dentist. On my last visit to the dentist, she hoovered up the mess the dentist created in my mouth. The dental assistant prepares utensils called for by the dentist. My services are far less sophisticated.

There is so much dust and chaos created from hacking away at a wall or any structure in a house. Sometimes it feels as if the dust will never go away. The Law of Entropy applies well here: everything when left onto its own will tend to chaos.

My friends in Long Island and Pasadena were wise to live in a separate dwelling while their new homes were being renovated. Living in a mess can really wreak havoc in one's daily life.

Home renovations require the destruction of what is there and building a replacement or an addition. It's not just manual labour as I soon discovered. There are calculations to be made, scenarios to be drawn, and plans to be discussed. Sometimes the builder is deep in thought. Sometimes he makes a mistake and has to find a way around it if he can't undo the mistake.

I tried my turn at the paintbrush but soon complained of pains in my shoulders, neck, back, and wrists. I tried my hand at sanding down the walls but soon complained about the dust and boredom. A las! The only thing I'm really good at - is cleaning up after the builder's mess. And thank goodness for that!

7 October 2003 Tuesday

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