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Earn while I sleep

For a number of years now, I've been trying to sell my technical books which are no longer necessary but have been taking up precious space in my house. I posted the list at strategic places such as the London Business School and on my Web site. Probably because I was reluctant to assign a price and I was unsure about how to sell these books, I didn't get much success. Perhaps I was hesitant about letting go of these once-precious books.

I finally took the advice of friends to try Amazon. Fewer than two night's sleep, I received two e-mails informing me that two of my books have been sold.

Today I learned from Mark Forster, author of the best-selling time management book "Get Everything Done and Still Have Time to Play" that the Affiliates or Associates programme is as easy to set up and as effective as the used book marketplace on

All these years of writing book reviews are finally paying off. I didn't have the mindset when I was busily writing reviews to think about getting paid for click-throughs. I know for sure that many of my readers have ended up purchasing books on Amazon after reading my reviews.

It's high time that I earn while I sleep - so click through, baby!

1 September 2003 Monday

analyticalQ book reviews
analyticalQ book sale - available again in October because I'm travelling in September!
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