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Leavin' on a jetstream

How I agonised over risk and flexibility (the title of my forthcoming book) in face of the great uncertainty ahead!

How I cried in my decision analysis paralysis!

I knew I was wasting precious time surfing the net for all possibilities.

So many decisions I had to make!

To fly or to take the train? To use my airmiles or to pay by credit card? To visit the East Coast or the West Coast first? How much flexibility do I need and want?

When I've finally booked all my airplane tickets today, I sighed a sigh of relief. Instead of feeling trapped, I felt free.

It turned out that I just didn't have enough information or confidence to fight the uncertainties I perceived to exist. To my amazement, booking these nonrefundable, nonchangeable tickets made me feel more free though it now leaves no room for flexibility.

I conclude that flexibility doesn't necessarily provide the freedom I want! Mentally I wasn't free, but now I am! Free to plan my future!

So I'm singing, "I'm leavin' on a jet stream, don't know when I'll be back to sing ....."

18 August 2003 Monday

Parody: Leavin' on a jetstream by Anne Ku
Flying in style - an article I would love to have written! - courtesy of Jerry
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