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Background photo: Anne Ku at Ilp, Netherlands, May 2001.

Bon Journal

Unaligned, uninspired

I'm back to square one, or worse, square zero. A week of no regular exercise and no routine set me back from the previous week of rigorous exercise (2 fitness classes and cycling per day) and routine.

The rhythm of routine got interrupted. As a result, I found myself unable to align myself in yoga class today. It's a feeling of defeat --- of having to start over.

There is something to be said about routine. There's no need to make decisions. You just do it. And you do it with ease. And your day seems to flow nicely. You're in tune with your body.

Although going away is nice, it's an interruption. And like all interruptions, there's a recovery period.

My Landmark Forum coach said that the vacation starts when you book your ticket. I should add that the ticket has to be non-refundable, non-changeable. With no "backdoor", you feel you've "committed" yourself to the future. You start to anticipate. And that's when the journey begins.

She didn't say anything about the recovery period. The post-holiday blues, the down that goes with the up, the unaligned and the uninspired ---- that's me, trying to catch up. I'm trying to get back to the rhythm of waking up, cycling to the health club, working out, having lunch, coming back, playing the piano, working on my web sites, etc.

14 March 2003 Friday

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