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Note: Background images in February 2003 are selected from the analyticalQ photo gallery.
Photo: Singapore, 1988

Bon Journal

Double whammies and triple bewitching periods

When I was working in Singapore, one of the money market traders told me about the triple bewitching hour. It's when you are caught between different time zones and different markets, and you can't do a thing.

I think we're now caught in a situation where it doesn't make sense to make more money than you can spend it. Interest rates have fallen, and it doesn't pay to save. House prices are still very high, so it doesn't make sense to buy a house, even for investment. Stock markets are very uncertain. The job market is tight, and many people have been laid off, are being laid off, or are afraid that they might be laid off.

So what do you do?

Free up your time to create and catch up on all the backlog of stuff accumulated over years of permanent, full-time employment. And contemplate whether there is an alternative to the main stream.

24 February 2003 Monday

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