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Note: Background images in February 2003 are selected from the analyticalQ photo gallery.
Photo: The Duomo in Milan, Italy, November 2001.

Bon Journal

Italian, Irish, American

Of all the different stranded passengers to pass my way, three nationalities stand out. They're the ones that come up to me and request songs. Are they culturally more friendly and approachable than others? Or are they more homesick?

To prepare for their requests, I've borrowed some songbooks from the library. Last night I played through Irish songs, none of them were familiar to me. When I played The Soldier's Song, an Irishman came out of the restaurant to ask me to play it again as he dialed his mobile phone. He told me that it was the Irish national anthem and that he was recording my playing on his friend's voicemail. He was sure his friend would appreciate it.

I played Volare, O Sole Mio, and Arrivederci Roma out of the Italian songbook. Although there were no Italians around last night, I felt as if I could hear them hum in the background.

After Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, an American walked towards me to request Debussy's Clair de Lune. Sadly I didn't have it with me, but I promised I'd bring it tonight.

It's so nice to get requests and thanks for my music. The orientals approach me not to request for music or thank me, but to ask if I'm Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. Tomorrow I have a request from an American traveller to play Billy Joel's "The Piano Man." He said that he suddenly heard the tune when I e-mailed him the news of my new part-time vocation.

13 February 2003 Thursday

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