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Note: Background images in February 2003 are selected from the analyticalQ photo gallery.
Photo: Food at the Winter Solstice Concert, London, December 2002.

Bon Journal

Winter dinners

My mom sent me a Chinese newspaper clipping, entitled "Dong ji wan tsan si bu gwo", translated "Winter dinners four don't overdo"

When the weather turns cold, your appetite gets bigger. It's natural to want to eat more. But not only will you worry about getting fat, your health traffic light will turn red (warning signs). Here are four things to note.

One, don't eat too much. In Chinese medicine, there's a saying that if your stomach is not at peace, you will not sleep well. If you eat until you're full, there will be proteins that have not digested by the time you're ready for bed. Over time, this will cause problems in your large intestines.

Two, don't eat too much meat. The blood pressure of a meat eater is three or four times higher than that of a vegetarian.

Three, don't eat too many sweets. This will thicken your blood vessels. Over time, you will get fat.

Four, don't eat late.

I think I've violated all four rules. Now it's conscious discipline to get back on track again.

10 February 2003 Monday

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