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Journal Entries
Note: Background images in December 2002 and January 2003 journal entries are selected from Frances Ku's collection of her original watercolours.

Bon Journal

Easy everything in Amsterdam

It's a quiet, cold Thursday night in Amsterdam. There are fewer trams than usual. Only the single, parent-less, and the foreign are in town. Everybody has gone home to celebrate "Santa Klaus" eve, when parents give gifts to their children.

I am waiting for a tram to take me to the EasyEverything internet cafe. It's very cold to wait outside without a hat or scarf. I feel like an orphan.

The EasyEverything cafe is half full of youngsters. I feel at home here. At Euro 1.44 an hour, it's very cheap. I find myself a seat and start checking my e-mails. Before long, I'm surfing away.

6 December 2002 Friday

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