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Life Strategies: Stop making excuses! Do what works, do what matters
by Dr Phillip C. McGraw as seen on Oprah's "Change Your Life TV"
paperback 282 pages
Copyright 1999 Vermillon Personal Development books STG 9.99 publishe by Random House didn't have this book, but it did have a CD, workbook, and other stuff:
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Bon Journal

Life strategies: stop making excuses

Dr Phillip C. McGraw

preaches ten life laws.

He tells it like it is,

you either get it or you don't.

Some people never do,

which one are you?

You create your own experience,

you're not a victim

of circumstance,

be accountable .

People do what works,

so keep asking yourself why

until you understand why.

You can't change what

you don't acknowledge,

so open your eyes wide,

get real and don't hide.

Life rewards action,

take action, not the small talk,

forget "it's the thought that counts."

There's no reality,

only perception.

Reality is only what you make of it.

Recognise and control.

Life is managed,

it is not cured.

Manage your expectations,

resolve don't endure your problems.

We teach people how to treat us,

that's why it keeps happening.

There is power in forgiveness,

bad emotions hold you captive,

spilling over to other things,

forgive and set yourself free.

You have to name it to claim it,

identify what you want,

and go for it.

7 November 2002 Thursday

analytical Q book reviews
Verdict: very easy to read book with lots of interesting examples and useful tips. Don't fall into the trap of reading and philosophising. Do it!
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