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I subscribe to Freepint Internet Newsletter, which now has more than 52,000 subscribers. In today's fortnightly newsletter, I found the tips article most useful.

The author Paul Waddington talks about information overload and the irony of people spending money on gathering more information which we can't digest.

This prompted me to check out an Institute of Management book called "Managing Information Overload in a Week." I've been a victim of information overload when I was a jetsetting magazine editor. It's taken me three full months to recover from it. The quickest way, of course, was to disconnect me from the world of information producers.

Anyway, back to Waddington's article, he advises that we should spend more emphasis (time, effort, investment, etc) on producing better content through effective writing. I couldn't agree more.

What do you think I'm trying to achieve with my online diary? To become a better writer. This web site is a platform for self-expression. It allows me to practise. And through the feedback I get from my readers, I learn what's good and what's bad.

Now the next step: how to produce a simple and short form that will encourage readers to rate each journal entry?

3 October 2002 Thursday

"Effective Writing: How Good Copy Can Make Your Information Work Harder" by Paul Waddington, Freepint Issue 122
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