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Magna Brava

The Magnum photographers, according to my knowledgeable friend, are the best there is.

The Pitshanger in Ealing, now known as the PM Gallery and House, has just opened an exhibition of work of five women photographers. Most of it is black and white. And there are lots of portraits too.

For the novice photographer, it was a collection of snapshots around the world. I didn't know whether they were easy or difficult, good or bad. Just like when I'm visiting an art gallery, I don't know whether the paintings are good or bad. But I do know which ones I like.

What I enjoyed about Earth from the Air was the captions. They were lengthy and told a story about the aerial photographs.

I would get more out of photo and art exhibitions if I went on a guided tour or used one of those pre-recorded guide tours. I'm still a novice art connoisseur after all.

12 September 2002 Thursday

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