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All in a day's housework

Now that my mom has left, I am faced with my own cooking and cleaning to do. Nothing I make is as delicious as what my mom made. Worse, I am faced with all these house chores.

Let me try to psychoanalyse what I have to do.

Room by room, the kitchen is the hardest but most satisfying once done. It also gets dirty most quickly and easily. Next hardest is bathroom. Then the stairs, bedrooms, living room, etc.

By type of activity, I dislike hoovering because it's so noisy and constant. Mopping is the next likeable activity. Scrubbing at least brings some satisfaction. Wiping is easy. Washing is okay if I have gloves on. I enjoy doing laundry, but not ironing.

Polishing the windows and mirrors - I leave for the last because they get dirty so easily.

I must have spent days listing all things I have to do to maintain a clean and tidy house. I have organised them by type of activity, difficulty, priority, and duration. I have listed them on different sheets of paper. In fact, I have thought, written, and talked about all the housework I have to do ---- except to do them.

Yes, all that remains is for me to actually get down on my hands and knees and scrub the kitchen floor, wipe the counters, polish the mirrors, hoover (vacuum) the stairs, mop the floors, and iron my summer dresses. All in a day's thinking about the unavoidable housework!

21 August 2002 Wednesday

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