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Opportunity cost or lost?

Time is our currency and our constraint. It's the axis upon which our opportunities are measured.

The opportunity cost of doing not doing something is the opportunity lost.

Had I known that my dental appointment had been cancelled, I would have spent more time practising the piano. But because it was cancelled, I was able to cycle to the 1 o'clock exercise class. And if I had not made a detour to see a neighbour in the extra minutes before the class, I would not have picked up the empty jars that she had been collecting. These jars will allow me to go blackberry and raspberry picking again - to make jam, of course!

Tonight I could have been at a private viewing of new art. But the journey would prevent me from updating my journal in piece. Still, if I had gone, I might have made new contacts which could lead to new opportunities.

Everything has a price, even when it seems to be free. We can't be in two places at the same time. We can only multi-task up to a certain point. Our conscience may be the mediator between taking too much or giving too much.

My friend tells me that life is a journey. If that's the case, then does it matter which road I choose? How fast I go? Yes, I think it does. It's the difference between opportunity cost and opportunity lost.

19 August 2002 Monday

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