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Donating to charity

I've been cycling around town, visiting local charities, and asking them if they have the transport to pick up the things I wanted to donate. Then I received a plastic bag from the Heart Foundation asking for all sorts of things and informing me that they're picking it up today.

I packed two boxes of my college textbooks and two boxes of empty three ring binders. These are the things that I can't give away or sell. Who would want electrical engineering textbooks from the eighties? Who in the UK would use US-style three ring binders?

This morning the four boxes were still there. I crossed my fingers and waited. an hour later, the boxes were mysteriously emptied. They took them! Hurray!

I can't believe how happy I feel. I'm so relieved that I was able to get rid of things I've been lugging around all these years. I'm so relieved to see a few square feet of empty floor space in my loft.

Next step: get rid of five more boxes of "stuff."

7 August 2002 Wednesday

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