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Birmingham detour

When you're young, you travel to see places. When you're older, you travel to see people.

We would have loved to remain in Bath for the entire day, but I wanted to see my friend in Birmingham. It's been almost a year since I've last seen her in her own home. And being pregnant with her second child, she could hardly come to visit me as easily.

So we left Bath at 2:30 pm and drove to Birmingham, where she was living with her husband and baby daughter.

Being a romantic, I always believed in fairytale endings - that of falling in love and living happily ever after. When I flip through my photo album, I see that she hardly smiled when she was a late teenager. She smiled a lot when she was in love and having fun. I notice the vitality in her face just around the time she got engaged and then subsequently married.

Over the years, I saw her smiles fade. Once pregnant, she smiled less and seemed tired everytime I saw her.

Is being a wife, a career woman, and a mother tiring to do? One thing for sure, the less she smiles, the more her baby smiles.

2 August 2002 Friday

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