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Unofficial pointer

When I was learning to program in C, I learned about pointers. Such useful things they are, you don't need to know the answer, you just need to know where to point to it.

My learning C in 21 days parallelled my evolving role as a pointer in the office. People learned that it was easier to ask me than to look for the answer from scratch.

Over time, I got used to not knowing the answer but knowing where to look for it.

From a user of information, I moved onto a provider of information, working in a place where information was abundant. There my contacts found me even more useful, for I was able to point them in the right direction. Where there's too much information, there's always a need for someone to distill it. Where there's too little information, there's always a need for someone to point you to it.

So I became an unofficial pointer, distiller, and broker of information.

And so far, I haven't charged a single penny for it! Why not? Because I have other pointers, distillers, and brokers out there who do the same for me!

22 July 2002 Monday

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